Explained: Why these people cannot donate blood?

Explained: Why these people cannot donate blood?

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Blood donation is considered very noble task. In fact, many individuals donate blood on a regular basis so that they can also contribute in saving someone’s life, but you know that there are some individuals who can’t donate blood even if they want to like. If someone is on heavy medication for diseases like tuberculosis, then he simply can’t donate blood. Infections and disease restricts a person to donate blood. Here is the list of few restrictions to be kept in mind for blood donation.


Why can’t people with tattoos donate blood?

Tattoo and Blood

In order to get a new tattoo, a person exposes his body to the needle and ink of the designer. However, some parlors sterilize their equipment’s and don’t use the same ink. However, sometimes mistakes are bound to happen. You might get affected by blood transmitted disease.

If you wish to donate blood, then all blood is tested for blood borne viruses or antibodies of those viruses. Body takes time in developing antibodies. So, generally blood is not accepted from someone who has tattooed his body recently.


Why can’t Asthma patients donate blood?

asthmaAsthma in basically lung infection and where you face problem in breathing due to some allergies. If someone is a patient of Asthma, then he can’t donate blood because of the risk involved in that.

Though some people hold the view that Asthma patient can donate blood if they don’t panic.

However, this is not true even if the person is calm there are great risks involved like there are chances of person passing away while donating blood due to combination of blood reduction and reduced lung capabilities.


Why can’t HIV patients donate blood?

A HIV+ person can’t donate blood because of risk involved in transferring the blood. The person who is receiving blood might get infected with HIV because the virus transmits through blood only.


Why can’t you donate blood if the heart rate is too high?

heart rateIf you have elevated heart rate, in that case you donate blood, then there is a greater risk involved. While donating blood you lose volume and heart starts pumping at a high rate in order to compensate the blood loss.

Therefore, usually avoid to accept blood from people with high heart rate.



Why can’t girls donate blood during her menstrual days?

During menstrual days, a girl’s body tend to lose blood. So, at this time there is scarcity of blood in the body. If in case a girl donates blood during her menses, then there are chances that the she may feeling weak, lethargic, low blood pressure and in some cases even the person can become unconscious.


Why are HIV negative gay men not able to donate blood?

Gay menAccording to federal law 1970, Gay men can’t donate blood even if they are HIV negative. The policy states that all gay men carry HIV Virus and so the same can be transmitted through blood.

However, this law is biased, but until now there are no amendments in the law and so Gay men are prohibited.


Apart from there are many other WHY’s that require an explanation for not allowed to donate blood.

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