The Inspiring Story of How a Kolkata Youth Is Making Sure No One Dies of Blood Shortage

The Inspiring Story of How a Kolkata Youth Is Making Sure No One Dies of Blood Shortage

kunal saraff

The requirement of donated blood has been on the rise but number of donors lag far behind on the graph. Doctors, experts and regular blood donors express their concern over the scarcity of repeated blood donors. World Health Organization’s slogan ‘give freely, give often’ is yet to gain attention of potential donors.

Shortage of donated blood units has been persistent in India. According the WHO, every country needs at least a 1% reserve.

India, with its huge population of 1.2 billion people, needs 12 million units of blood every year but collects only 9 million – a massive 25% deficit.

Kunal Saraff knows how to tackle this issue…

With more than 100 successful donor arrangements in Kolkata, it is this shortage that an organization called “The Saviours” is trying fix. Justifying their name, it is a life saving registered organization that works towards providing blood when blood banks and all other sources are can’t help. Started by a young college graduate, Kunal Saraff, the organizations’ vision is quite simple: “To ensure that no body dies for the want of something that is abundant in everyone’s body.”

Already in contact with various colleges in the city, Kunal tells the three ways in which you can help. First and foremost, you can list yourself as a voluntary donor by giving your details (which include your name, blood group, contact number, address, email id and alternative contact number (if any)) at You can also WhatsApp the details to 9830148811. At present, their services are restricted to Kolkata, but they are constructing database of all donors across the country and look forward to expanding their reach in other parts of the country as well.

They also encourage more and more people to register with them. As an extension of this effort, whenever there is a successful donor arrangement, they request the donor to ask three more people to register in order to keep the flow going till a situation is reached where no one dies of blood shortage.

You can also intern with them. They would be picking a team from different colleges, which would be trained and briefed to handle the phone calls and requests. The team would be responsible directly for handling the emergency requests and the donors in the database.

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