Thalassemia: Roadblock or Dead End

Thalassemia: Roadblock or Dead End

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Thalassemia is a dreadful disease as it leaves the patients in the troubled and vulnerable state. This blood disorder has somewhat cursed my childhood and my parent’s life. I was diagnosed with Thalassemia at the time of birth. Doctors were trying very hard to save my life. They injected small and sharp needles in me to locate a vein in my body so that they could transfuse blood. But hard luck after so many pricks, their attempts were unsuccessful. Then they started stabbing my feet. And after a couple of struggling hours, I responded well to the treatment.

When I grew up, then I was able to identify that my blood is full of iron. My other classmates were relishing their childhood while I was taking appointments from Doctors for my medication. I felt more vulnerable when I came to know the blood injected in my torso belongs to some other kind-hearted living person. I hold a feeling of antagonism against my Doctors. Every time I enter the hospital, I have an envy feeling on my face. The overall treatment of Thalassemia was so painful for me that sometimes I start crying in the middle of the night. However slowly and steadily I adapted myself with the pain and took it as a part of life.

I took social awareness as my subject in middle school and I finally realized that what all the blood donors and Doctors are doing for me. They are giving so much of their time and hard work and it is the time to pay back to the society. I started feeling grateful to my Doctors and Donors. I began participating in social awareness club programs; but keeping first in mind my health status. I started mingling with other Thalassemia patients as well. I started feeling better.

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I stand on my word that Thalassemia is a dreadful disease, but it is just a blockage of iron in your body which can be evacuated and it’s not the dead end. If you are able to get best medical health and well timed proper blood transfusion then this disorder doesn’t seem to be a major trouble. Abblood is a reputed blood service provider in Delhi blessing many Thalassemia patients with life.

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