Pick the best workouts by your blood type

Pick the best workouts by your blood type

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You certainly understand how important it is to customize your workout in accordance with your level of fitness. If you’re a gym rat, you’ve probably taken a quiz or two to find the perfect workout session for you. People do base their exercise on their body frame, personality, and even their star sign (yes it’s true). But have you ever thought about customizing your fitness program to your DNA- to your genetic makeup?

Your blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint. If you follow a generic workout program, you might not be able to tap into your huge genetic potential. Read below to check where you fit in when it comes to blood type.

Type O

You’re very athletic and tend to be strong. Your genetic make-up resembles to that of cavemen and hunters. Chasing your meal has always been a passion for you. High intensity workouts are like an emotional outlet to you.
Best Workouts: interval training, extreme running, and plyometrics or jump training.

Type A

Your DNA is close to that of ancient farmers. Even though they incredibly used to stay active all day, activities carried out by them were of low intensity- like planting crops. Way too intense exercise will increase your stress hormone level and lead to fatigue. Going for calming and joints-protection activities are best for you.
Best Workouts: Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and isometric exercises.

Type B

Your ancestors used to travel a lot for food and shelter- just like nomads. Even though they moved often, it was at a slower pace than that of the cavemen. Also they traveled in groups.
Best Workouts: The best workouts for you would be group cardio sessions, cycling, tennis and resistance training program.

Type AB

You possess elements of both Type A and Type B- making your DNA a hybrid. You tend to get joints and muscle stiffness from intense cardio sessions, this is why you should stick to less intense exercise for overall physical and mental fitness.
Best Workouts: Brisk walking, hiking, dancing, golf, yoga and Tai Chi.

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