6 Facts about the Rarest Blood Type: AB- (AB Negative)

6 Facts about the Rarest Blood Type: AB- (AB Negative)

AB- blood group - abblood

If your blood type is AB, you’re pretty unique and if it’s AB-negative, you have the rarest blood type of all. This blood type so rare that not even 1% of the Earth’s population is categorized as AB-negative.


Here are 6 interesting facts about this unique blood type:

1. The Universal Plasma Donor and Rarest Blood Type

Rarest blood group - abblood


Thy type of antigens present on red blood cells determines the blood type. People with AB negative blood type suggest that they have both A and B antigens – which is unique in itself. Having both antigens makes AB negative blood type the universal plasma donor (one of the three basic blood components). Only 0.6 of the total world population has AB negative blood type.


2. Primary Challenges and Benefits

Individual with blood type AB share the challenges and benefits that both A and B blood type individuals can face. These individuals may either carry properties of A type or B type but they can still be a mixture of both A and B.


3. Diet Recommendations for AB blood type individuals

Diet for ab- blood

AB blood type individuals have been linked to low stomach acidity. This results in poor ability of metabolizing food efficiently. Frequent and smaller meals are recommended for these individuals and caffeine, alcoholic substances should be avoided. Foods that should be consumed include: seafood, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, tofu, salmon and tuna.


4. Recommended Exercises

Exercising is vital for AB blood type individuals in bringing down stress levels and maintaining a healthy emotional balance. A combination of both aerobic exercises such as jogging or biking and yoga or medication should be done.


5. AB Negative type has unique compatibility

AB negative blood type individuals can receive blood from A-, B-, O- and AB- only. This because AB- type has both A and B antigens but has no Rh antigen.

Compatibility of ab-

6. AB Negative type is not a great donor

Again due to absence of the Rh antigen but presence of A and B antigens, the AB- blood type donor can only donate blood to AB- and AB+ blood type individuals. Severe immune attacks can happen if AB- is transfused to any other blood type.


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