Blood groups have a lot to say about your personality!

Blood groups have a lot to say about your personality!

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Horoscopes are always fun to read for the laughs and destiny. But rather than looking at the stars to predict your future, have you ever considered looking at something closer to you? Everything about who you are can be told by your blood type.

Blood type A – The Perfect Role Model


Blood type A’s make the perfect role model material because they strive for success, kindness, and polite mannerisms. Although A’s get very stressed easily and over-think things, A’s will try to keep it together and do the best that they can for the sake of order and for the sake of their loved ones during critical situations.

PROS: Perfectionist, analytical, organized, responsible, meticulous, compassionate, earnest, creative, sensible, patient, calm, well-mannered.

CONS: Stubborn, sensitive, worrywart, obsessive, shies, reserved, self-conscious, and uptight.

Blood type B – The Rebel


Blood type B’s are rebels who simply can’t be tamed. Passionate and driven, B’s can be the life of the party as well as ambitious people with big dreams. Although they can be harsh, stubborn, and hard to get along with at times, B’s are commendable for staying true to themselves no matter what the rest of the world says.

PROS: Passionate, active, ambitious, imaginative, creative, fun, emotionally strong, optimistic, opinionated, independent, unconventional.

CONS: Selfish, irresponsible, unforgiving, erratic, stubborn, blunt, harsh, hot-tempered.

Blood type AB – The Variety Star


AB’s are so quirky that they deserve their own variety show. Known for their “split personality,” ABs show off an array of different traits from shy to outgoing, rational to irrational, and even calm to crazy. AB’s are unpredictable balls of energy, making them some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

PROS: Friendly, adaptable, 4D, interesting, unpredictable, random, imaginative, quirky, highly intelligent, rational, practical, philosophical.

CONS: Indecisive, forgetful, moody, aloof, emotional, untrustworthy, critical, and selfish.

Blood type O – The Hero


Blood type O strive to be the hero of every situation. O’s are natural people-pleasers and leaders at heart who want their friends to be happy. They’re flexible, open-minded, and easygoing, making them the ultimate companion.

PROS: Confident, competitive, hard-working, honest, expressive, friendly, forgiving, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive, curious, generous.

CONS: Aggressive, arrogant, self-centred, irresponsible, dramatic, vain, obsessive, and easily distracted.

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  1. Evon Fuhrmann says:

    My personality is perfectly explained except one thing. Although I don’t have much faith in these things, but this blog explains me well.

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