Benefits of Donating Blood That You Didn’t Know About.

Benefits of Donating Blood That You Didn’t Know About.

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One unit of donated blood can save three lives. A little time of yours and a small needle prick can make you a superhero. It’s alright if you do not possess superhuman powers, but you do possess blood. So being a superhero is not that difficult, besides that you’ll be a real life superhero. Blood donation not only saves lives of those in need of blood, it also benefits the donors. See how.

  1. Blood donation reduces risk of heart disease

Levels of iron in our body stay stable due to regular blood donations. Stable levels of iron reduce risk of heart disease. Iron is an important element for the body, but excessive amount of iron can result in some serious medical conditions.

  1. You get a free health check-up

You can check if you’re fit enough to donate blood. A series of health check-ups are carried out to make sure the donor is healthy. Your blood gets tested and if there’s any abnormality found, you get notified about it.

  1. Blood donation also reduces risk of cancer

High levels or iron are found in patients that get diagnosed with cancer. Theoretically, frequently donating blood can reduce the risk of cancer. The sad old myth that donating blood can lead to cancer has been proven wrong by researchers.

  1. Improvement in blood circulation

High viscosity blood with resistance to flow can be damaging to the linings of blood vessels. Studies have found that this damage can be prevented by regularly donating blood. Figures also tell us that blood donors get hospitalized less often than others. It makes sense as we know that abnormality in blood circulation leads to many complications.

  1. It makes you happy

Our mental state directly affects us physically. People who regularly donate blood tend to stay in a healthy mental state. Joy of saving human lives cannot be explained or put into words, it can only be experienced.

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