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Who We Are.

Our Mission Is Well Marked: To Save Lives

Our Mission Is Well Marked: To Save Lives

Blood is life. We provide safe, continuous and adequate supply of blood to those in need. Shortage and unavailability of blood leads to numerous deaths in the city. Our aim is to tackle the scathing situation.

Just One Call to Us and You Will Get All the Help

Just One Call to Us and You Will Get All the Help

We do not want you to hover around when there’s any emergency. When blood transfusion is needed, every second counts and we understand that better than anyone else. You’ll only have to call us once.

So Far We Have Helped in Saving Over 500 Lives

So Far We Have Helped in Saving Over 500 Lives

Our team focuses on keeping the stats impeccable. With over 500 successful cases in the city, we seek to help every person that approaches us for blood.

What People Say

  • The swiftness with which the ABBlood acted amazed me. Dengue fever cases rise in Delhi around September and October, especially during Diwali/Dussehra. The lives of four Dengue patients, who were in urgent need of blood were saved, thanks to ABBlood

    - Dr. Sandeep Mittal, Dashmesh Hospital

  • ABBlood is certainly one of the most reliable sources in the city on which you can depend on.
    I always tell other doctors and hospitals about them, especially about their promptness in arranging blood units for patients

    - Dr. Pushpendra Khurana, Kailash Hospital

April 26, 2016
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